Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Robotics and Easter

Last week during our spring break, our robotics team, the Roboteers, was given a rare opportunity at a second regional competition.  Mikaela and Jacob were both able to attend this meet in Cincinnati, so our whole family decided to come in support of the team.  It was a long five hour drive on Thursday, but we enjoyed watching the competition on Friday and Saturday.  Unfortunately our team was eliminated in the last match before the finals, but our robot was really great overall.  We arrived home late Saturday evening, forfeiting many of our usual Easter traditions.  On Sunday morning, we attended our church's Easter services.  I did manage to force everyone to bear with me for a few photos: 

Dad and the boys

Mom and the girls

I made a meal for lunch and the youngest 3 kiddos hunted eggs in the afternoon.  That evening Grandpa and Grandma came for supper, another egg hunt, and a rousing game of bocce ball.  


Paige said...

Your boys look like they are growing! And Mikeala's hair is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a little road trip as well... and even though they didn't win, Cincinnati is a nice city to visit (we lived there for a year), I would love to go back for another visit.

mizerna said...

oh, sweet kids!