Saturday, May 19, 2012

Playing catch up

Just realized I have a ton of photos to share before the big event this weekend.  
Here are some highlights of the past month or so.

Last summer Jacob finished his first iPhone/iPad application for the Ag company where his dad worked.  Jacob's app, Yieldcheck, was named number 3 of the 10 Best Mobile Agriculture Apps for 2012 in CropLife magazine's March issue

One of Mikaela's art projects was displayed at the Congressional Art Show where Congressman Aaron Schock spoke.  In addition, Mikaela recently wrote and illustrated her first children's book, The Painting House.

Mikaela's  painting is on the middle shelf, on the right.  
Mikaela's Senior Prom:

Noah, Mikaela, Brianna, Peak

The Middle School and High School held their Spring Chorus and Band Concerts:

Practicing for her solo

Joseph (center, in band polo)
Jacob upper left-hand corner, Mikaela bottom right-hand corner

Joseph's Middle School awards night:
 presidential honors
Senior awards night:
Brianna and Mikaela
The little girls got to visit their friend, farmer Mark.  There were kittens to play with, pigs to feed, and eggs to collect.  This time Saidie enjoyed the animals:

Mother's Day.  I felt very cherished by my sweet little family.  

And earlier this week we attended Mikaela's baccalaureate:

Leah, Selah, Brianna, Mikaela

...and Joseph's 8th Grade Promotion:

Yeah, we've been a little busy.  

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Martha @ Berrybliz said...

Great update!!! Love love love the prom photo of them swinging on the tire swing..So sweet!