Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday medical exam

This morning we got up bright and early at 6:30am after getting to bed after 1am.  The White Swan breakfast tasted like heaven.  Steve and I took the little girls to the medical exam while the 3 older kids were sent to explore the hotel.  

First we walked with the group to have Visa photos taken.  It was nice to catch up with the other families we had met in Beijing and see how their new children were doing.  Next we went for the actual exams.  There were 3 stations:  ENT, weight/height/temp, and surgical exam.  First Jia Wen needed to have a TB test which ended in a meltdown.  At least she didn't need to have all of the immunizations since the law passed earlier this month. 

On the walk back, we enjoyed all of the lovely flowers and greenery.  We even watched 3 wedding parties taking photos in the park area we walked through.  
We ordered Papa Johns pizza for lunch in the room before Steve and the kids went out for a walk in the park.  I remained behind to fill out the paperwork (yes, more paperwork!).  Tonight we plan to go out to a Chinese restaurant with the group and Helen, our guide.  
Tomorrow morning's agenda includes some sightseeing and shopping.  The weather is very pleasant here.  It was a little cool this morning so we made the little girls wear their coats, but by mid morning it had warmed up quite nicely.  
Some things we know about Jia Wen:
**She can be very naughty.  If you tell her no, she just laughs at you and does it more.
**She has never been expected to mind.  She blows out when I make her stop or tell her no.  
**She can eat nearly as much as Jacob, but takes quite a bit longer to do it.
**She gets very loud and wild and likes to roughhouse, but usually gets too aggressive when in that state.
**She loves, loves, loves bath time, getting dressed in pretty things, and having her hair fixed with bows.
**She is starting to warm up more and more.  Today she let Joseph hold her hand when out walking, which is new.  It used to only be the females of the family.  Yesterday she even let Steve carry her (of course, she was exhausted from walking and no one else was willing to do it).  
**She is learning to communicate a little.  She has occasionally pointed to something that she wants.


Anonymous said...

I just checked your blog tonight. I didn't know you were there already! The pics and stories are wonderful!! She is just a doll. We will be praying all goes well with adjusting and for your safe trip home.

Kris, Braxton, Allison & Faith

Anonymous said...

We are so elated you are finally at the White Swan. Praying Saidie will do a complete turnaround now and really start bonding with all of you! Glad the TB test is over and praying for good results. So glad she didn't have to have all the immunizations!
Loved the photo of you and Saidie walking in the park hand in hand.
You and Steve have your work cut out for you in parenting this little gal! With God's help you will win her over and teach her the rules of your home!
Praying the next few days will be real memory makers for the entire family. Bonding comes one step at a time and she is already taking small steps toward the end goal. Sounds like you will be buying tons of groceries to feed both her and Jacob! Glad she is warming up to Joseph and even Steve. She has to remember that Steve is the guy who has the money for the groceries and the pretty dresses and bows! Just kidding!
Anxiously awaiting your arrival home!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us all be a part of this amazing experience! Please know that we are checking your blog often to see your progress! Enjoy your time abroad and get back here safe! Again, thanks for all of the commentary, pics and especially the videos!!!!!

Uncle Mike, Chicago

Anonymous said...

You seem a little more relaxed in somewhat familiar surroundings. :) I cannot believe all the blue sky you are seeing. Thanks for letting us in on all the details so we can pray.

the Kochs

Lisa S said...

I hadn't looked at your itinerary close enough to notice you had this many days in Guangzhou ... we could have made arrangements for you to try and meet Beverly's family! Her dad speaks some English, but her mom not so much ... so it might have been a bit awkward. But I think they would have loved meeting someone from the town called Tremont that they have heard so much about!

Dana said...

I just caught up with your trip tonight..........read all your entries. THANKS so much, making me cry right now. The whole thing. Tears are from many different emotions.......happy for you, reliving the same experience a year ago with our little girlie, just God's amazing heart for the orphans......everything. God is good, all the time. Praying for you all. Northfield and Tremont await your arrival with open hearts and arms. There's plenty of room for many more. may Blessings surround your every move.

sunnycalgirl said...

Now we know how to pray for her.. (:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! What a blessing you are to Jia Wen. I adopted from Shenyang in March of 09 and have many photos of Jia Wen to share with you. When you get home and settled, please email me and I'll share with you everything I have have. God has used you to Bless me. Its a long story. Praying for your safe travels. Sincerely, Gwen gwaite@fmsworks.com

Gwen said...

What a blessing you are to Saidie! I read your whole blog!!!! You were meant to be together! God is soooo awesome. I adopted from Shenyang in March 09 and i have a bunch of photos of Jia Wen!!! When you get home and settled, email me and I'll send you what i have. I have been praying for her for 2 years! You have answered my prayers! Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Sincere, Gwen gwaite@fmsworks.com.