Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday in Shenyang

Grace with the kids at the park entrance
On Friday morning, we had to walk to a notary office to redo some paperwork that has been giving us trouble since gotcha day.  Apparently one date was off and the whole thing was trashed.  I watched the 3 notaries argue for several minutes over the paper on Tuesday before one man ripped it in half and threw it away.  Praise God we were able to repair the problem and get Jia Wen's passport anyway.

After receiving the passport, we stopped at a park where an emperor from the Qing dynasty was entombed.  It was a brisk walk through the park, stopping to watch some people playing on the ice in the pond.  It was actually a nice break from the hotel room and let the kids expend some energy before our 4 hour flight to Guangzhou.  We said our goodbyes to Grace and our driver.  They certainly made our time in Shenyang pleasant.  Our flight was delayed and we couldn't find food at the terminal, but we were happy to see the familiar sight of the White Swan after we arrived and met our guide Helen.
This time our room overlooks the Pearl River and is just beautiful at night with all of the brightly colored lights.

We want to thank each and every one of you who is leaving encouraging comments and lifting us up in prayer.  We can definitely feel the love, and it's so sweet to have a little contact with the outside world while we are so far away from home.


Anonymous said...

Time to thaw out :) Enjoy your time there. How was the flight for the little ones? Counting the days till you get back! God bless you all.
The Kochs

Anonymous said...

Shenyang looks like Illinois right now--snow, cold and ice! Enjoy the warmer weather while you can. Glad you finally got the passport! We were really praying on this end for that! So happy you are at the White Swan where everything is familiar--wonderful view at night! Enjoy your time in Guangzhou--you deserve a walk in the park in shortsleeves! We love you and continue to pray for all of you!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

~marci~ said...

Following your blog is an inspiration. What love you have...Gods love, not human type!