Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday in Shenyang Orphanage

After louder frequent grieving last evening, we were a little unsure about traveling to the orphanage today.  We decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to give Saidie some answers and photos when she is older.  The area close to the orphanage was rather poor, but the orphanage itself was quite new and clean.  There seemed to be a good ratio of workers to children in each of the rooms that were separated by age.  The rooms were bright and colorful, the smiles were warm and inviting.  Jia Wen was very shut down for quite awhile at first.  One of the little boys that had been her foster brother gave her a gummy candy.  The teacher hugged her and tried to engage her, but she remained stoic.  Once the teacher asked each of the children in her class to come say good bye to her, she seemed to respond a bit to certain ones of the children.  By the time we were ready to go upstairs, Jia Wen would not take my hand and shook her head no.  I backed away to let her come on her own, but Grace and the teacher noticed and told her to take my hand.  Eventually she did.  Before leaving, I asked if we could see the foster family.  Mrs. Tan (who we found out is also the director of adoptions) said we could meet Jia Wen's foster parents in their apartment in the orphanage complex. 

Mrs. Tan holding Jia Wen

In Jia Wen's classroom with her teachers

We walked to that building, and the parents were so kind.  They invited us in to their living room, showed us the cot where Jia Wen slept in the room she shared with her foster sister.  It was an amazing experience, but very emotional for us. 

With China mom and dad

Foster family photo

Jia Wen's cot

Loved by two families

Watching Jia Wen with her china mom and dad was so sweet.  We know that she has been loved and given good care.  The family photos on the walls show a very happy Jia Wen.  There just weren't words to express the gratitude and love we felt for this special couple. 


Anonymous said...

Knew this would be a very emotional day for all concerned but didn't realize it would affect us so much. Many tears flowing while looking at the photos and reading the words. Monica, the last photo of you holding Saidie with Steve and her China mom and dad looks like you were about to have a meltdown...and rightfully so. What an emotional day! So glad you were able to go and get such good photos and actually meet everyone so you can document it for Saidie.
Brighter days are ahead. Praying you get Saidie's passport and get to warmer weather and possibly it will be a turnaround for Saidie! Praying for all of you! God knows your hearts and will bring Saidie around to love and accept you! We love you!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Serving the King said...

Goodness those are some precious photos! They look like such sweet people and how great that, like you said, she was loved by both families!

Amy said...

Hey guys...just have to jump in and say how blessed is our God for this gift to you all! How important it is and will be for JiaWen to carry this precious release from the arms of her foster family into the arms of her forever family. They have played such a profound and significant role in her life. They have prepared her for you. I am so thankful that you guys grasp the importance of JiaWen to keep her foster parents "alive" in her memories. Monica, hang in there, these days of bonding and attaching are difficult and exhausting! Praying for discernment and intentionality as you journey through each new day with her. She is precious and I am anxiously awaiting what will happen in the next 24 hours now that she has been able to say goodbye....
On a personal note...so ready for you to get to Ghangzhou as well! We were so miserable in the freezing weather in December!!! No where to go! Feeling your pain here at the Arnold House. Does the hotel room seems to be closing in around you?????

Anonymous said...

How very sweet for all of you to have the assurance that Jia Wen has been raised with love! Her heart will be receptive and she will come to understand your family and your love for her as well. Hang in there. Mrs. Tan and the foster family seem really wonderful.
More snow here overnight and this morning. Your house looks quite like a Hallmark Card! :)
You are surrounded with our thoughts and prayers.
The Kochs

Lisa S said...

I love the irony of Beverly being here in Tremont while you are in her hometown of Guangzhou :-)

Thinking of you all, hope you get to enjoy the break in the weather when traveling southward!

The Rylands Family said...

Hello. I have been scouring the internet looking for families that have visited the orphanage in Shenyang. Our 13 year old son is there and we are on track to get him in August. I am starving for some BTDT advice and maybe even some pictures? When you were there, did you see any of the older children? Blessings, The Rylands