Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday...wish you were here!

 Today is Jia Wen's third birthday.  My heart is heavy today thinking of my youngest child spending another birthday away from her family.  I can't even let myself think about what I've already missed in this little one's life.  But at least I can take comfort in the fact that this is the last birthday she will celebrate (or rather, not celebrate) away from us. 
Maimie and I decided to celebrate the occasion with princess cupcakes.  Everyone joined in for the sprinkles.

But what about a gift?  It turns out I've been buying quite a few things for Jia Wen both for the trip to meet her and for once we have her home.  I decided she needed something special.  So I got to work on her backpack for the trip to China.  I started with a small sized hot pink backpack and found some great ribbon.  Mikaela chose the adorable owl iron-on patch.

Adorable, right?  So cute I made a matching one for Maimie.  

But something was missing......

Ah-Ha!, personalization.  

So, What do you think?

The gift of a name.  Actually Saidie was one of the favorite names 5 years ago when choosing Maimie's name.  I swore the kids to secrecy and told them if we ever were blessed with another child from China this might very well be the name.  
Okay, so the whole name is Saidie Beth ShenJiawen (then last name).  Saidie is a form of the name Sarah, meaning God's princess.  (My great grandmother was middle named Sarahbelle.)  Thought that was just a beautiful picture of the christian's standing with our heavenly Father...joint heir with Jesus, adopted into His family.  Beth means house of God, and it is my middle name as well as one of the middle names of each of my three girls (I was middle named for my Grammie, Elizabeth).  ShenJiawen is the Chinese name our daughter was given by the orphanage, and we felt it only fitting to keep this gift that connects her to her past in China. 

Happy birthday, sweet Saidie!

Ni Hao Y'all


Serving the King said...

Ok girlfriend you need to sell those backpacks!! They are so stinkin ADORABLE!! Love it! Do you think if I showed up to meet the boys with pink backpacks with cute little owls they would like them?! LOL Love it and happy birthday to your sweet girl!

sunnycalgirl said...

It's all wonderful! from the cupcakes to the backpacks and names too!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Saidie! It is so exciting to finally know your name. We waited a long time to see your precious little face and now we have a name to go with the sweet face! Just can't wait for you to get "home". We are all going to love on you! We feel so blessed to be able to say we are Grandma and Grandpa to 5 wonderful kids!
The cupcakes looked yummy and next year you will have a beautiful cake to celebrate your birthday baked and decorated by your talented Mommy. There will be a theme for the party and cake! The backpacks are adorable and I can just imagine all the neat things that will be tucked inside for you and Maimie! How exciting it will be for all of you the day God brings you together as a family!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Paige said...

What a beautiful name with such an amazing meaning... Love it! The backpacks are so cute, you really should go into business in all of your spare time...

Rebekah said...

It is so nice to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping by!

I love the backpacks! So cute!

Since we are now officially waiting on LOA, I have to ask, how many days did you wait from LID to LOA? :)

Carola said...

Happy Birthday to Saidie!! She is so cute.
Hope she come home soon.

Greetings from Holland.

Mom from Shen Jia Zheng (home since november 2008)

Elizabeth said...

I think the backpacks turned out just perfect - won't they just love them! I hope she felt your celebration in spirit, as I'm sure you were sending loving birthday thoughts her way!

Kristy said...

Very cute backpacks!

Erika B said...

Oh, those backpacks are just adorable. You are very talented! Hope your girl comes home soon. I know how hard that wait is.

Erika B

Annie said...

Ok, you could seriously make some money off of those bookbags!! Too cute! When we brought Lizzie home, we missed her 2nd birthday by 14 days. I know how hard it is to know your child and not be able to celebrate her birthday with her! Hang in there. Like you said, this will be the LAST one she will spend without you! ((HUGS))

Kristi said...

My heart aches for you as I know how frustrating it is to miss yet another birthday as you wait...
Adorable backpacks!

Tina Michelle said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Can't wait to see you celebrate with your family!!

I am so loving my new header too but I bet you didn't guess that is my sis in there with the kids, not me! Thanks for posting on my blog! I am sure you know how hard it is to find quality time with the spouse.

I love the personalized backpacks and the name is too cute. I love reading her name. My hubby is Wen and it is cute to see that his name is used for female and male. Although, we seem to find quite a few more females with his name than males.

Daisy Dreams said...

LOVE the owls!! Such a cute idea. My girls have always had backpacks with their names on them. Nothing makes them happier than to carry those backpacks!!