Friday, July 30, 2010

A Dazzling Smile, remodeling, and squares

Would you look at those pearly whites?  We haven't seen these teeth sans hardware for years.  Jacob had his braces removed on Thursday morning, was fitted for a camouflage retainer, and chewed his first gum in a long time on the ride home.  Ahhh, two sets of braces paid for...two (or three) to go! 

It's been a busy couple of weeks full of lots of nesting opportunities.  We've been working on remodeling the former playroom on our main floor to give the boys a new bedroom.  It has involved stripping wallpaper, scrubbing walls, painting, breaking out closet walls, insulation, drywall, and ripping out old carpet. We just have a few shelves and clothes rods to put up next.  At the same time, we needed to shuffle everyone around in the upstairs bedrooms and paint them all.  I've finished our bedroom and hall and Mikaela's new room and closet. I still have the little girls' room and closet to paint as well as the master closet.  I am so tired of painting.  Hopefully I'll finish in the next week or so and be able to put the fresh carpet in before moving everyone's furniture around. 

In the meantime I've received several more quilt squares.  My mom has been really busy getting her square done and helping get material for some family members and friends. 

This cute and sparkly butterfly square is from my Grammie.

Here is the lovely floral fabric from my Grandma Ruth.  She wrote some of the card and dictated some to my dad.

What a pretty square and sweet wish from Sharon, a friend of the family I've known since I was just a little girl.

This square mom helped pick from Uncle Terry.  He asked for material that looked like "Irish tweed".  Can you tell we've got a bit of Irish in us?

My mom and dad contributed this beautiful square and wish.

And finally, this adorable little daisy square is from Mark, Deb, and their daughter Rachel, some friends of ours at church.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jacob, what a beautiful smile!! You are one handsome dude! The boys' bedroom looks good so far! Sure is a nice change from the dark wallpaper that was in there! Can't wait to see all the bedrooms with fresh paint and new carpet! Know everyone has been extremely busy (especially you, Monica) but the end result will be well worth it and especially when you get that little one from China home to enjoy it all! Anxious to see all the quilt squares come together in a quilt just like Maimies! Always fun to see the different fabrics folks choose.
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Paige said...

The notes for those quilt squares are so heartwarming. It is amazing to me how a little girl so far away, is already to loved and she doesn't even know it! Nesting feels good doesn't it? It is somewhat overwhelming, but feels great that it is for something great!!!