Monday, March 08, 2010

Daddy's Birthday/Robot competition

Friday was Steven's 47th birthday. We ate a nice meal and dessert, but the boys were busy getting their robots ready for Saturday's competition and Mikaela attended the school play. In between helping the boys Steve, Maimie, and I watched "Horton Hears a Who". It never ceases to please our crowd.

On Saturday the boys participated in their robot competition. Jacob made his robot from a sumovore robot kit. (This was the kit that he won last year for second place in the lego robot competition.) Jacob actually soldered all the electronic components, assembled the robot, programmed it (with his dad's help), and then painted it. It took many hours this winter. Jacob ended up winning one of his battles at the competition and learning a lot of tips and tricks for making his robot work even better next time.

Joseph used the lego robot that Jacob and Steve worked on last year and rebuilt the plow. Joseph (with a lot of team effort) won first place in the lego robot competition. Joseph did a good job thinking on his feet and running the robot during the bouts. He won a trophy and a new robot kit, and even ended up being in several shots on the local news that evening.

"Pokey-hontas" doing her lacing cards

Maimie found some of the older kids' dress-up clothes and has been dressing up and calling herself "Pokey-hontas". A couple of months ago I found a whole bag of lace-up cards in the basement. Maimie absolutely loves doing them. She laces on and off all day-even takes them in the car sometimes.

Joseph teaching Maimie to tie a shoe

Maimie lovin' on her quilt

Tub fun

Getting ready to splash mommy?!

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Anonymous said...

Very busy weekend! Happy Birthday Steve! The boys did great with their robots! Little Pokey Hontas with her sewing cards! Will have to teach her to embroider one of these days! Joe looks very patient teaching her to tie her shoes!
In Christian Love,
Grandpa & Grandma