Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Amidst the storm

Sometimes I have a hard time praising God amidst the storm. Yesterday I felt the winds crashing in on me and the rain driving at my soul. We were notified that some of the rules for adopting from China have now changed from when we started this process in October. We originally thought we could get a referral any day now, but instead we found we won't even be in the cue for several more months. In addition, our homestudy, which should have been completed and reviewed by Christmas, has now been rejected for the second time due to wording differences. But God is faithful and merciful. He may have allowed this little storm to direct my focus back to Him.
Yesterday I was reading a blog I occasionally frequent and was reintroduced to a passage in Joshua 4 where God instructed the Israelites to set up stones as a reminder of what He had done for them. It made me think back to some of the amazing examples of God's past provision for our family that came amidst storms. These are the "stones" of my heart.
One such stone came about when, during our first adoption, we encountered what seemed like a pretty turbulent storm. Shortly after receiving our referral in early November of 2006, there was talk that we could possibly be traveling as early as December. Then just days before Christmas, I was faced with emergency surgery and 6 weeks of recuperation ahead. There were so many question marks: was it cancerous? would it be fatal if it was cancer? would it affect our adoption? would our travel date come before I had been released to fly? The storm clouds swirled overhead. I thought the storm was so big at the time. But God didn't. He brought me through the surgery with favorable results. He orchestrated our trip so that we boarded the plane 1 day after my 6 week post surgery checkup. And as it turns out, Maimie was having her cleft lip surgery that December and was herself healing during that time (of course we didn't know that until we arrived in China and met her!)
So, yes, I get discouraged, but how can I stay that way when considering all that my God has done for me. Maybe someday God will reveal how He was at work in the circumstances during this little storm. And then there will be another reminder, another stone of God's amazing provision and love to encourage me during future storms.


sunnycalgirl said...

Yes, we all have storms on out lives. I can relate...I have been reading up on Chinese adoption and about families and their journey's. Only God knows why.I do know one reason is to pray for the needs of the children and the orphanages. Some of what I have read has been heart wrenching. I just want to be able to "hug" a child. You have a beautiful family..God bless you and rest in Him...

Diana Monday Ford said...

Monika I finally found your Christmas card with blog info. on it. I am going to catch up from the beginning. From the blog you wrote in March it makes me anxious to read more. It sounds to me like you need to write a book. You are a very inspirational person and I can see your blogs really uplifting, helping, and encouraging a lot of people. I hope everything goes well for you and Steve in this new adoption. I am sure everything will be fine. I can't think of two more capable and deserving people to adopt these special children. they are very blessed to have you raising them..Lots of Love and Prayers to you and your family

Jennifer said...

Hugs and prayers!

Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray every day for you and your family. We never like to go through the storms of life but it is always neat to get to the other side and be able to look back and see how God orchestrated each and every moment!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Diana Monday Ford said...

just finished your blog. Got up at 7:30 read till 11:30. Could not walk away..It was so wonderful and it was so sad to me because we live so far apart and I never got to know what wonderful people and parents you and Steve are. Family members that are not in your life have sure missed a cherished blessing. You and Steve will surely have wonderful crowns in Heaven. Can't wait to follow the next baby. Please consider a book. I am telling everyone how wonderful your blog is.