Friday, February 19, 2010

A long time in the making

Barb with the finished quilt

Well, it may have been a loooooooong time coming, but Maimie's 100 Good Wishes quilt is finally completed! Back in 2005 when we were waiting for a referral from China the first time, I read about 100 Good Wishes quilts. We decided to make one for our little sweetie from China... Before we knew her... Before we had seen her photo... Before we had decided on her name. We asked family and friends to send us squares of material and good wishes/blessings/prayers. We knew that someday our daughter would look at her quilt --at each individual square--and know that it represents someone who loved her and was praying for her arrival into our family. And now little Miss Maimie has been in our arms for 3 years. We couldn't love her more!
Over the last several months, I spent some time planning Maimie's quilt and finding someone who was handy enough to actually pull it off. Barb was quite a find! The photos certainly don't do justice to the quilt. It's absolutely gorgeous.

First Barb arranged our immediate family's squares around the center square containing Maimie's Chinese name and characters; then she randomly placed the other squares all over the quilt. We labored over the border and finally decided on a lovely pink check. The backing is a versatile neutral. Barb finished the quilting with a scroll design over the entire surface. Maimie was so pleased with her quilt. We laid it on the floor in the piano room and got out the box of wishes to see who donated each square. What fun! Now for my next project, I need to arrange all of the wish cards in a little book.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you reading this that may have donated a square for Maimie's quilt. Know that she loves her quilt and that she is very excited matching the wishes with each square. Someday when she is older she will understand and appreciate even more the love that each person showed to her before she even joined our family.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, WOW, it turned out great!!! So glad Maimie is pleased with her quilt. Barb definitely did a wonderful job!!! Already looking at fabric for Maimie's little sister's quilt!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa