Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Teenager??

Jacob 2 years old

Jacob 13 years old

I'm not sure how it could have happened. I mean, honestly, I can still vividly remember his 2nd birthday. Jacob was the cutest little guy. Little blond buzz haircut, jean shorts, no shirt, elmo snowboots. Adorable! I made an awesome little "Thomas the Train" for Jacob to play in with some big appliance boxes. He was just all smiles all day that day.

And now just look at him. Thirteen. THIRTEEN. Still cute, but with a slightly better fashion sense. Making this mommy feel a whole lot older than I'm ready to feel.

Jacob met a few friends at the pool for the afternoon last Friday, the 12th. That evening we ate Pizza, ice cream, and cake with Grandpa and Grandma. Of course the weather was so unseasonably nice that we played out in the yard, too. I think Jacob enjoyed becoming a teenager.

Jacob and Grandma

Grandpa and Mikaela

Dad and Joseph

Now for this week's Friday Fashion challenge. To sum up in 3 words: Mad for plaid! Miss Maimie chose this lovely ensemble for the Turkey Festival pancake breakfast. First she paired the black and white houndstooth plaid leggings (that had belonged to her big sister) with a multicolored sun shirt in lavenders and blues. Her hair was worn down for the occasion (...all the better to get syrup in it!). The day's accessories included the red/white/pink hearts necklace and a little clippie that was hot pink with a cat or something on it (clipped to the top of her shirt by the necklace). Fortunately that morning I had located the missing white "fwip fwops" which she chose in order to downplay her feet and draw the eye upward (so one can get the full effect of the loveliness). When I pulled the shoes out of her Sunday school bag, Maimie responded with, "For me?...Ohh, thank you ever, ever so much, Mudder!"
Mad for plaid

Sleeping Beauty


M3 said...

Aw, mad for plaid is adorable, as is the grin on her face. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, another teenager!! It really makes Grandma & Grandpa feel old! We remember the day Jacob was born-Mom was about to deliver at home and Dad was so nervous getting Mommy to the hospital he sideswiped Grandma's car in the driveway!!! Jacob is still a very good looking and loving grandson!
Maimie is quite the fashion diva!
What a great game of bean bags!
Happy Birthday Jacob!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa