Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day/ ballet lessons

Mikaela, Joseph, Maimie, Daddy, and Jacob
Clowning on Father's Day

My children are very blessed to have such a great dad. I looked back through some family photo albums this past weekend to find photos of Steven with each of the kids when they first were born or became a part of our family. Steven's looks have changed a lot. It's hard to believe that he had jet black hair 15 years ago on his first father's day. The hair soon changed, but it still brings a smile to my heart to watch him with our children. In many ways he has changed as a person, husband, and father through the years. While I knew he would be a good father when I married him, I have been amazed at the depth of his love for each of our children.

Maimie ready for ballet lessons

This week Maimie began her first ballet class. To say she was excited would be quite the understatement. She kept thanking me over and over for the dance leotard and skirt. She twirled and she whirled. She put her little slippers in the denim Pooh bag that Mikaela carried to her first dance class (has it really been almost 11 years ago?!). When we arrived at the dance class, Maimie went into the practice room with the teacher and 2 other little girls while I sat in the waiting area watching through a large window into the practice room. Maimie had a little difficulty focusing on the teacher at first and waved at me and ran over to the window. Eventually she found her "X" on the floor and started following the teacher's lead. It was pretty cute. Notice I didn't say graceful...

Maimie really got into it once the music was playing. She started to dance a little freestyle with a look of intense emotion on her little face. This kid LOVES music!

With the high temperatures and humidity this week, we've been spending a lot of time in the pool.

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Anonymous said...

We thank God every day our grandchildren have such wonderful, Christian parents who are striving to raise them in a Godly home. Maimie definitely was excited about her new ballet outfit. She was so proud to show us and especially her new ballet slippers. Too cute. Love the photo with her little left hand over her heart! No it doesn't seem possible it has been 11 years since Mikaela took lessons. Still remember her first recital!
So glad you have the pool to relax and cool off in!
In Christian Love,
Grandpa + Grandma