Thursday, May 28, 2009

New routine

Mother's Day singing at church

Thought I'd join M3's Fashion Friday challenge this week. Sometimes when Maimie chooses clothes, she picks an outfit that I would pick for her. Nothing crazy, jeans and a shirt. Other times, I wonder if she's serious.

This week she picked a brown tshirt from last year (that is really getting too small and needs to be retired) and then randomly grabbed out a little pale turquoise ruffled skirt with attached panties. My eyes widened as she groped around in the middle drawer until she found some pale pink leggings which she put on over the attached panties of the ruffled skirt. Before leaving the room she decided she needed socks. She only found 1 Belle sock and decided a plain light blue sock would match nicely...??? She chose pigtails (which she calls "Chinese hair") and a red barrette with a red rose bud. When we left for speech therapy, she put the bright pink/orange crocs on (the wrong feet, of course).
Mikaela had an interesting take on her sister's ensemble. She said it was a happy outfit and made her think of bubblegum with the pink and blue.

We're starting to settle into the routine with Daddy's new job. It took a couple of days to get used to having company at lunch every day. Now we quite enjoy it! Maimie absolutely LOVES seeing Daddy come home and has a new lunch time tradition. I started buying cheese sticks for the older kids' lunches. They rarely touch them, but Maimie thinks they are great. When it's nearly time for lunch, she starts saying, "Cheese, Grommit" and heads for the fridge. She gets out two sticks of cheese so that she can share one of her cheeses with Daddy. It's really a hoot. She sits on the floor in front of the fridge while she opens both of the packages. They sort of peel down. When she gets one open and peeled half-way down, she flops it on the floor to start the other. Quite sanitary, I assure you. Then she grabs them by the opened cheese part before handing Daddy his cheese. Yummy!
sharing cheese with daddy

porch picnic lunch with daddy

Today when Daddy was leaving to go back to work after lunch, we had a quick smooch. Maimie started saying "oooh, yuck" then told me, "Don't kiss Daddy's mouth, that's awful!" heh, heh


Wanda said...

Wow - how very artistic your little is. Love the shoes on wrong. You should frame that!

Wanda (At Last...)

M3 said...

Cute!! The mismatched socks are my fave, oh and the shoes on the wrong foot. Adorable and feisty!

Donna said...

Oh yeah! She looks serious to me!!

Seriously cute!


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Teresa said...

Oh my goodness! You family is gorgeous! I love your daughter's sense of style and I love, love, love the Mother's Day dress. I read through some of your blog and in particular, your referral and gotcha day! I love reading about the day families are united! Makes me teary.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you.

DawnS said...

Cute, cute, cute and I love the shoe picture!

Mom2Isabel said...

Ahhhh... the ole mismatched socks outfit.

i am familiar with THAT!!

Too cute.

ellie said...

I agree, Maimie's cute outfit looks happy like bubblegum :) adorable!

a Tonggu Momma said...

The mismatched socks are my favorite part of this!

Ruth said...

Very cute. I think she matches just fine - one pink sock for the leggings and one blue for the skirt :-)
My hubby always says it is amazing what a daddy will eat :-)

Hannah said...

oh my goodness. The shoes and socks are too much, that is just the cutest!

Mahmee said...

Wowsa! Great outfit!
My daughter recently fell in love with stick cheese too.
Thanks for the comment on my site.

Anonymous said...

The computer has been down so am glad to view your blog again! Agree with Mikaela about Maimie's outfit being like bubblegum! We remember the boys wearing their boots on the wrong feet too (expecially with their shorts in the summer with no shirts). You have mellowed since Mikaela was little about the outfits!!
Steve has really impressed me with eating the cheese sticks off the floor and even sitting on the porch for lunch with Maimie!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa