Friday, May 08, 2009


Well, Maimie's outfit earlier this week was pretty normal, so I wasn't going to post for Fashion Friday this week. Then this morning....well, just look for yourself.

Maimie is wearing her new "Belle" socks, a stripey skort from a previous week's challenge, her favorite yellow flowered shirt, and her sister's old dance tutu with--gasp!--red sequin trim. She asked for chinese hair with twisties and then grabbed a Christmas barrette to complete the look. I asked her if she would maybe like to wear some jean capris pants instead since we are going to the doctor's office this morning. She just smiled at me sweetly and said, "No, thanks, Mama. I look so beautiful and shiny!" Well, I can't argue that, can I?
Inhale, exhale, unclench, inhale, exhale....

update: When we got ready to go this morning, Maimie had visited the potty and the skort ended up somehow on top on the tutu. The shoes she chose were these bright new faux crocs in hot pink with neon orange.


Mahmee said...

Beautiful and shiny, she is!

M3 said...

Oh I just had to grin at that "beautiful and shiny" quote. How adorable is that?! Love the outfit, it has some serious pizazz.

Wanda said...

Oh yeah....she's stylin'. And look how proud she is of herself.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree--she certainly looks proud of the outfit she put together. Probably because of the look of horror on her Mommy's face knowing she had to take her to the doctor with all the sparkles and neon crocs!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

a Tonggu Momma said...

The Tongginator would call that a Mei Mei look. (Do you have the DVD Dance and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei? Because your daughter is stylin just like the little gals on that video.)

Jeff and Amy said...

Tell Maimie I think she looks adorable no matter what sheis wearing:)