Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day

We enjoyed M3's fashion challenge last week over on the Salsa blog, so we decided to turn Maimie loose in her closet again this week.

On Tuesday morning, Maimie picked her "favorite" pale yellow blouse and paired it with some dark pink leggings. Just as I was about to despair over her inability to properly color coordinate, she yanked a multicolored striped skort out of the drawer. Pulling the skort over the leggings, she eyed a gray sweater (who puts GRAY in a toddler's wardrobe, anyway?) she just had to have. Later in the morning, the Hello Kitty socks made a big comeback, too. Maimie chose two braids for her hairstyle with an orange/yellow(?) barrette.

And I guess a girl's just not dressed without a couple of tattoos on the back of each paw. Actually I had an appointment to get my hair done that morning so, yes, we went in public, and, no, it didn't even bother me!

I just had to post this photo of Jacob and Maimie on my--brace yourself--NEW couch! I still can't believe it. Sometimes I just walk past the living room to admire it. My old couches were pretty sad, really. The blue plaid couch has been retired to the rec room over the garage. We have had it for at least 18 years. The white couch is still in the living room until our other sofa (that had to be ordered) gets here. I told Steve it looked like a communion wafer --all small and flat and white-- next to my gorgeous new big lovely brown couch. It's really not the fault of the white couch. After all it has been around for at least 20 years since it got it's start as Steve's "bachelor" couch.

Who is that dapper young lad? It's Joseph, all dressed for Colonial Day today at school. Every year the fifth grade spends a day reenacting a typical day for the early colonists. They spend time in crafts, games, and even food that the colonists would have enjoyed.

Last Sunday, Maimie was still in her church dress and looked cute as a bug. I took her out on the porch while Daddy and the boys were looking for mushrooms and sissy was doing homework. She gets a huge kick out of blowing bubbles. It was actually pretty difficult for her for quite some time with her cleft lip/palate situation. Now that she has mastered it, she wants to do it alot.

Maimie continues to heal from her pharyngeal flap surgery and has progressed in her diet to nearly include everything. I'm still a little leary of chips and very hard/sharp things until it is completely healed, but yesterday I totally forgot and gave her a fortune cookie with her fried rice. She handled it fine, but it wasn't too bright of mom.


Wanda said...

Lots of colors but it still all works. (Grey is a good choice actually - it pulled it all together and goes well with the skirt).

What a cutie - blowing bubbles in her Sunday best!


Ruth said...

Cute outfit. It is amazing what they come up with!

DawnS said...

She did great pulling it all together with that skirt!

M3 said...

She totally pulled that outfit all together!! Love it.

Teresa said...

Grey is the new black, didn't you know?

Actually grey goes very well with pink :)

She's a cutie pie for sure and quite independent it seems.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to meet you.

Cherith said...

SUPER cute outfit!

Buckeroomama said...

She made it work... tattoos and all. :)

...and how cute is she in her pigtails?

Anonymous said...

Maimie is getting to be quite the fashion diva! She coordinates better than some of the stores do! Love the photos of her blowing bubbles and so glad she is able to do it now. Next she will be whistling! Jacob and Maimie look very relaxed on the new couch. Yes, they are beautiful and when you get the other one the living room will be complete. Should do a photo showing some of your wall decorations with the new couches. Joseph definitely looked very dapper in his colonial outfit. Bet he had a great time that day--can't wait to hear what different foods he had to eat!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Jeff and Amy said...

She looks adorable in anything she puts on, just too cute:)