Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dirt Day/ Earth Day

Maimie posing with some of her loot

Just a little light reading

Fun with Margie and Gus

***Thought we might participate in M3's Fashion Challenge Friday since we love watching Ro and Ree choose their outfits over at the Salsa in China blog.***

Ahh, yes. Maimie was turned loose in her room today to choose her clothes. Often she does this on her own, but today I specifically allowed her to choose without offering any suggestions or discouragement. I know, I know, it really was hard for me--control freak that I am. Maimie did pretty well, I guess. First she chose out some new Hello Kitty socks (thanks, Nancy!). Then she grabbed out a pair of busy leggings in a variety of colors. (They are really cute with the little dress that they came with.)

She topped off the outfit with a pink t-shirt sporting a flag printed USA on it. For the hairdo, Maimie said she wanted Chinese hair (pigtails) with twisties. She grabbed a red rose barrett to hold back her wispy bangs that are almost grown out but usually fall out of twisties. At the last moment, Maime added a huge pair of safety goggles that belong to one of the boys to complete the ensemble. Which, of course, was perfect since she really has an almost nonexistant nose bridge.

I promised Maimie that we would plant her little seeds this morning in honor of Earth Day. Yeah, yeah...hug a tree, whatever. She was thrilled! She ran in to grab her gardening gloves, changed her safety goggles to the fish sunglasses, and headed for the door.

The planting was a success. Maimie potted tiny pots of zinnias and strawberries. When Daddy came home for lunch, Maimie showed him what she had planted. She tried to remember what we had planted and I prompted her that one pot had flowers. I asked her if she remembered what we had planted in the second pot. I told her it was something that she liked to eat. So she told her Dad "I planted pudding". Can't wait to see how the pudding plant comes along... heh heh.


M3 said...

Cute outfit!! Ro and Ree always go for the Hello Kitty socks too. :-)

Would it be alright if I link to your site from my Fashion Challenge Friday post?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Maimie had a ball with all her loot and picking out her own outfit. We are also looking forward to the pudding plant--chocolate or vanilla? I have a feeling she will be wanting to plant a garden this summer and play in the dirt all the time!!!
Will be looking for her outfit on the Salsa blog!! By the way, aren't the twins and Maimie just a few days apart in age?
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Donna said...

Hello Kitty goes with EVERYTHING, right? Even gardening gloves!


Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Lisa~~ said...

Hello Kitty socks rock, they're a fave here in our house. Very fun outfit.

DawnS said...

The outfit is totally cute - but those safety glasses - the topping on the cake right there! Love it even more with the gardening accessories - too cute!

Wanda said...

Love the outfit - especially the goggles. Such a creative kiddo!


Jeff and Amy said...

So glad she seems to be feeling better, what a blessing. I too am a control freak when it comes to my kids clothing, I still try to give my imput with NO success!!!! LOL