Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recovering Nicely

Yummy applesauce and milk!

Maimie's pharyngeal flap palatoplasty went better than expected yesterday. The doctor planned for a 3 hour surgery that took closer to two hours. He felt relatively confident that things would heal nicely and didn't expect any complications. Maimie's afternoon yesterday was rough. We had a difficult time controlling her pain, but eventually after some pain meds, vomiting and lots of being held by Mommy, she started feeling better. Before supper, she ate part of a snowcone and a popsicle. Surprisingly, she even enjoyed her paint-with-water paint book that she's been waiting a whole week to use.
The night was rough, but Mommy stayed all night with her in the hospital bed. The doctor released Maimie to come home this afternoon where she is resting pretty comfortably.
We are so grateful for all of the prayers on Maimie's behalf. We have also appreciated all of the notes, cards, and calls to check on her. God has been so merciful to us.


Anonymous said...

We thank the Lord that Maimie is doing so well. She seems to be her old "bouncy self" and talking clearer already! The power of prayer in action!! So good to see her this evening.
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

So glad that all went well for Maimie. Praise the Lord!