Thursday, September 04, 2008

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Just wanted to post a little update on Maimie's current progress so I have a record later when I get around to her lifebook. Maimie will turn 3 years old on October 11. She loves to sing and dance, and is almost always happy and animated. She recognizes all of her alphabet and is just starting to learn the sounds each one makes. She is beginning to try to draw her letters as well. Counting is great fun to Maimie and she recognizes a few numbers by sight. She talks all of the time and is being more easily understood. Maimie lights up when she recognizes people that she knows from church, the community, the school, etc. Reading library books is a favorite past time, but she enjoys puzzles, drawing, making music on the piano and recorder, playing with baby dolls, swimming, playing in the sand, and above all--helping! Maimie gets so pleased with herself every time she helps one of us. She likes to get a kitchen chair and help when I'm cooking. Last night I was making pizza crust for supper and she poured in some flour, put away the scoop, closed the cannister lid, and turned on the mixer all by herself. Unfortunately she turned the mixer on one of the highest settings and blew flour all over the place before I could turn it down. It was okay, though, because she loves to clean up, too!

fishing sisters

Petting the fishy

Maimie enjoys introducing herself and her family to people. She puts her little hand on her chest up by her neck and says "I'm Maimie", then points to each of us saying our names. Not being able to make an "s" sound, Maimie makes plurals by saying things like "Dog. More dog." Prayer times are way too precious at our house. We have been teaching Maimie the "Now I Lay Me" prayer for awhile now. She used to repeat it a phrase at a time after us. Now she has it memorized and says it all by herself. When she gets to the end she says "God bless Daddy, Mommy, ..." etc. She struggles a bit with the kids' names. One night she was praying and couldn't think of the boys' names in particular. So...she substituted their names with "boy" and "more boy". Now she often refers to Jacob as "Boy" and Joseph as "More Boy"

Maimie, More Boy (Joseph), Boy (Jacob), and Mikaela

Maimie uses several phrases and small sentences now. Here are a few:
"Look at me"
"Me, too"
"What's wrong"
"Don't cry, it's okay"
"Are you all right"
"Where's Dad" (or the kids, etc.)
"What's that mean"
"My mom" (or dad)
"Let me help"


Anonymous said...

It is incredible the change we see in Maimie every time we see her. She definitely talks all the time and always wants us to read books to her. Considering there was a time we wondered if she would talk God certainly answered that prayer! It is so cute the way she improvises for her lack of making sounds by saying things like Boy and More Boy! What a clever little gal she is. Loved the photos of everyone enjoying fishing and the great outdoors!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

A 5 time mom said...

It is amazing how quickly they change and the pictures you have of her are so cute.

After watching the Olympics so much, Lana picked up the way the people in China looked and so now when she sees someone who is Chinese, she say, "Oh mommy look. There is China!"

She is also realizing that she looks similar to those from China. It is neat to watch them grow. Maimie is as adorable as ever.

Love the picture of Maimie touching the fish!


Jeff and Amy said...

Monica sounds like Maimie is doing wonderful!!!!! I hope you are planning on going to the get together for Echo in Springfield on Nov. 4th, I would love to see you guys again.