Thursday, August 28, 2008

New School, new year

First day of school

School started a little later than usual this year for our kids. It was an exciting time for all. The school has recently undergone some renovation, and the building looks great. Joseph begins 5th grade with his classes being held in the new middle school for the first time. So far he likes his teachers and is getting used to the new schedule. Mom likes having everyone in the same main building for one drop-off.

Jacob posing in full football gear

Jacob and the other 7th graders are enjoying the new "commons area" that looks like a chess board with lockers around the sides. He is adjusting well to being back in school and continuing his football practices. The little pork chop weighed in last week and ended up on the varsity team instead of the JV team which he had practiced with all month.
Mikaela attends the high school this year as a freshman. She seems to be pretty happy with her schedule with the exception of not being able to fit in an art course. She has been practicing for Madrigals and making new friends, including Beverly, the new foreign exchange student from Guangzhou, China.

Maimie misses all of the kids and asks about them several times each day. We have been taking time for picnic lunches, library books on a blanket, sand table play, and walks.

Learning to pedal the Dora bike

Pleased with herself for setting the table


Anonymous said...

School back in session and the kids are getting so grown up. Hard to believe they are in middle school/high school. Really making Grandma and Grandpa feel old!! Go, Jacob!! Anxious to watch some of your games!! Glad Mikaela is enjoying High School and making new friends and getting involved in activities. Joseph must really feel good about being in the new school and with his siblings! Maimie looks like she is enjoying being the helper now.
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

A 5 time mom said...

Glad to hear that you only have to go to one school building to drop off all three kids. How nice. Looks like it will be a good year and some fun times for you and Maimie too.