Sunday, September 14, 2008

When it rains...it pours!

Joseph sporting the look of the day

Maimie and Jacob keyboarding

Jacob's first game

Mikaela and Beverly

Mikaela and the Madrigal Singers

Maimie and Miss Kristi during speech session

We've gotten back into the school routine. School events, football games and practices for Jacob, Madrigal events and practices for Mikaela, Lego league in the mornings for Jacob and Joseph, piano lessons, etc. But this past week and this weekend has rained almost nonstop. I don't mean just a light, sporadic wetting of the ground, either. It's been torrential rain--absolutely inches and inches. Plus it's been cloudy and depressing. Today was pretty much the last straw. It's definitely time to start building an ark. This morning I headed down to the basement to get Maimie's Chinese dress for church, only to find the basement under water. Late last night I had been down to put a load in the dryer and the floor had been bone dry. By 10am it had risen another few inches and was up to my calf. It has been pouring in all day, but we managed to unclog the sump pump. The level has gone down considerably, but it can't dry up while it keeps coming in the floor drain. We enlisted the help of my parents after struggling awhile. Many boxes and things had to be brought up into the garage to dry, others could not be salvaged. I did have a lot of our storage things in big Rubbermaid bins, but there were many more I wish I had put in bins.

We are still waiting to see if the washer and dryer weathered the water.

The freezer may not make it. We tried plugging it back in after putting it on bricks, but it smells funny like something burned up. Fortunately, I'm a slacker and didn't have it stocked with much. Less to throw out.


Jeff and Amy said...

Monica, so sorry to hear about your basement flooding, how horrible. Hopefully things which were most meaningful were salvaged, hugs.

A 5 time mom said...

Oh Monica, I'm truly sorry to hear that you were one of the families effected with flooding in your basement. We had to help several of our families in our congregation facing this painful and stressful ordeal as well. I hope your appliances can be saved.


Angela said...

Dee, I hope it is getting better. I hope you didn't lose anything important. Wanted to let you know I have started my own blogspot. My life isn't as exciting as your adoption, but we are building a home. www.houseofpayne5324.blogspot.com

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Here I was enjoying all of the wonderful new pictures of the kids, then I scrolled down and saw the mess and read the text. I am soooo sorry you are having to deal with such a mess. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

So happy you called for our help! Hopefully it was a 100 year occurrence! It was so neat to see how the kids so willing helped with everything! I think the face Joseph had in the first picture was the same grimace everyone had the first step into the COLD water!! Praying everything will dry out soon and you can get everything arranged to your satisfaction.
The way the river is rising you might have to come help us next!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa