Thursday, February 15, 2007

Heading Home

We're sitting at the McDonalds in the Hong Kong airport. About 1.5 hours till departure. What a fantastic experience and what a great God in providing us a wonderful daughter, a safe trip, and a guide second to none in Echo. See you all back in the States.

Steve & Monica


Anonymous said...

The whole trip must have been a totally AMAZING experience!!! Can’t wait to meet her!!! See you soon Mikaela! :)


Mike & Vickey Lanan said...

"Heading Home" music to our ears!!!We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your plane in Peoria tomorrow afternoon. So glad you had such a safe, enjoyable and fruitful trip! God is so good!!!
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)

Beckie said...

What an adorable shot....hope your flight goes well.

Kris, Braxton, Allison & Faith said...

We enjoyed looking at the pictures and videos (the Dr. visit didn't look too fun!!) Can't wait to meet her.

Dana Stuber said...

Are you home yet??? We won't be in church tomorrow, but unless your internal time clocks have gone back to normal, which WOULD be a miracle only from the Lord, you won't be either. Let us know if there is anything you need! Dana Stuber

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Mondays!!!
I don't want to disturb your "settling in" with a phone call . . .
If your 3 older kids need to wiggle, we have lots of sledding hills - give me a call and we'll come and get the kids and tucker them out.