Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You Tube Issues

It's been reported that some have had issues playing our YouTube videos. Just returned to work and gave it a whirl from my work computer and noted a couple glitches.

1) Seems as though the first time I display a page containing a video it takes a bit to display the video content i.e. the video is just a white back ground. If I wait perhaps 30 seconds the content eventually displays.

2) Also, seems as if every time I attempt to play a video I've not played before, the video just sits there i.e. doesn't play. I found that if I click it again it will play.

I didn't experience these glitches using the Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer (Microsoft's browser). btw, just a browser pitch here. Firefox displays our blog content way faster in general and plays videos much better. Some would say Firefox is just a better browser in general, although I've found in the past there are some sites IE deals with better than Firefox.

Firefox can be found at: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/. Just click the "Download Firefox Free" link and select "run" in the dialog displayed.

The first time you access content containing YouTube videos with Firefox you will have to click on the "install plugin" icon and install the Flash plugin. Very easy to do, like two clicks and perhaps 20 seconds and you're finished.

I'd be interested in hearing other experiences with regard to problems playing our videos as I'd like to address them hoping to post more in the future.



The Burts said...

I have had no issues with the YouTube videos. I do use Firefox though.

From a fellow Lifelinker...

Dana said...


I did end up being able to view your videos, I just had to disable our Bsafe filter. They were all so fun to watch! Dana