Saturday, February 03, 2007

Breakfast at McDonalds??

OK, so we're not too adventurous. We're sitting at a McDonalds Cafe in the Hong Kong Airport. Yes, Joseph is indeed in heaven. Mikaela says "hi" to Lydia and Happy 13th birthday! Jacob is hoping to bypass the airplane food for the rest of the trip. He was starving at the hotel last night. It's Sunday morning here at 8:00am even though it's still Saturday at home. Steve asks for someone at the big yellow "C" to give our blog address to Calvin. We are very overwhelmed and exhausted. I have had a total of about 3 hours of sleep since leaving on Friday. Please pray for us to adjust to everything and get some sleep tonight so we will be prepared for Miss Maimie tomorrow. We feel so much support and love from everyone. Please continue to pray that God will keep his hand on our family and especially on little Maimie as she prepares for her long bus ride to Nanning tomorrow. We hope to have internet access at our hotel in Nanning and will download photos as soon as possible.

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Mike & Vickey said...

Enjoying your blogs. The You Tube said it was no longer available. We will be praying for each of you to get sleep in preparation for your "Gotcha Day". We keep trying to process the time difference as we go along in our day. So glad we are able to communicate via e-mail and blogsite!!! We are SOOOO anxious to see a photo of Maimie!! We know you are even more excited to see her and hold her. Remember to give Maimie a kiss and hug from Grandpa & Grandma. Mikaela, Jacob and Joseph we miss you and hope you are enjoying all the sites of your great adventure. Can't wait to hear all the stories you will have to tell.
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)