Saturday, February 03, 2007

We have arrived in Hong Kong

It's 9:30pm on Saturday, February 3. We arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport around 6:30pm and by 8:00pm we were in our connected rooms at the Regal Hotel.

Dad and the boys went out to change our money

and get food while Mom and Mikaela opted to stay behind and shower. What a miserable long flight! I think we all would rather move here than have to take the flight back to the States. Our guide, Echo telephoned while I was in the shower to check on us. We meet her tomorrow at 12:30pm to go over some of our documents and then catch our flight to Nanning. We really haven't seen much yet and look forward to discovering Maimie's amazing country.


Mike & Vickey said...

So glad to hear you arrived safely. At least the flight back will be shortened by 2 hours!!! We have been checking every half hour to see if you had posted!!! We love you and look forward to more updates and especially a photo of Maimie with her new family!
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)

Anonymous said...

Monica...good to hear your family made it safe and sound... I will be checking daily! Candi

Dana Stuber said...

Monday family,

I prayed and prayed for all of you yesterday, Friday as you were in the air. Thought of you so many times. So glad to hear you are on the ground and getting a shower!! That can melt some of the fatigue from a trans-pacific flight. Praying all will go well and be well with your souls. Blessings, Dana

Beckie's Life's Lessons said...

Glad your first flight went well and hope that your flight to Maime's region goes smooth for all of you. I know you all must be so excited.

Hillrich said...

Now to get your hands on that little cutie pie...