Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fun with Bumble

Culture and miles may separate us but kids everywhere (including Nanning China) love to hassle the man in the blow up suit.

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Mike & Vickey Lanan said...

Wow!!! Funny!!! We could hear Steve laughing. We sure got our laugh for the morning before church!!! We kept looking real close to make sure it wasn't Jacob and Joseph!! You guys are doing a great job of letting us share a glimpse of what you are experiencing. We pray for you during the daytime whenever we think about you which is very often and during the night when we can't sleep. Tomorrow is your BIG day. We get teary just thinking about you having Maimie in your arms for the first time. We look forward to the video clip of that.
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)