Monday, March 20, 2006


04/06/05---Lifelink application sent
04/08/05---Application acceptance
04/22/05---Self-studies completed
04/23/05---Cultural Training Day
05/03/05---Initial meeting with Lifelink in Moline
05/03/05---Illinois and Ohio birth certificates requested
05/04/05---DCFS fingerprinting
05/05/05---Illinois birth certificate received
05/05/05---Passport application sent
05/09/05---DCFS background check clearance
05/11/05---Ohio birth certificate received
05/12/05---I-600A mailed
05/14/05---Passport received
05/18/05---Monica's physical completed/ Dr. Gravlin
05/19/05---First meeting with Social Worker, Laura
05/19/05---Steve's physical completed /Dr. Gravlin
05/24/05---Monica's individual interview with Laura
05/24/05---Steve's individual interview with Laura
05/25/05---I-600A filing date
05/31/05---I-600A receipt arrives
06/06/05---Child abuse and neglect tracking clearance
06/17/05---Home visit
07/15/05---Kids' birth certificates requested
07/19/05---Kids' birth certificates received
07/26/05---US Immigration fingerprint referral notice received
07/29/05---DCFS license received
07/30/05---US Immigration fingerprints taken
08/02/05---Ohio birth certificate sent for state certification
08/05/05---Kids' passport applications sent
08/06/05---Certified birth certificate received from Ohio
08/08/05---Ohio birth certificate sent to Chinese Consulate in New York for authentication
08/10/05---DCFS foster parent cards received
08/20/05---Authenticated birth certificate received from New York
09/10/05---Kids' passports received
09/12/05---US Immigration clearance
09/13/05---I-171H received
09/15/05---Dossier sent to courier for state certification and authentication
09/19/05---Corrected employer letter sent to courier
09/27/05---Certified and authenticated dossier received from courier
09/28/05---Completed dossier sent to Lifelink
10/17/05---Dossier sent to China (DTC)
11/03/05---Dossier logged in date (LID)
05/01/06---Steven's renewed passport received
09/22/06---Special needs request sent to China
11/07/06---Referral Call received 3:37pm
11/07/06---Referral photos received via email 9:09pm
11/09/06---Meeting with Laura for referral packet
11/12/06---Letter of Intent emailed to Laura
11/14/06---Received LOI requiring signatures
11/15/06---LOI overnighted to Lifelink Bensenville
11/21/06---Completed LOI mailed to China
01/17/07---Final Approval received via phone call from Laura
01/18/07---Tentative travel set for Feb. 4
01/18/07---Visa applications sent to courier via UPS
01/23/07---Flights scheduled, travel set for Feb. 2
01/24/07---Chinese visas and passports received via UPS
01/25/07---Revised budget and itinerary received

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