Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mikaela's blog post

Dear Sister,
I can't wait to meet you! I have been praying for a sister like you since I was four. Of course, I am very excited. When I was waiting for our brother Joe, I listened to Mom's tummy. But while we're waiting to meet you, all we will have is a picture of you and some information about you--and we are still waiting for that. It's a lot of waiting, but I know it'll be worth it.
That's because you'll be my sister!
(what I've always wanted)
When you actually come home with us, we'll do all sorts of stuff. I'll teach you to draw, how to tie a double knot in your shoe, and show you how to braid hair. I'll show you the piano and the room we'll share. I'll teach you how to shoot a basketball and how to love God.
We'll have a good time--I just know it!
Love Mikaela

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mikaela,
We enjoyed reading your letter to your new sister. Your faith and prayers will teach her to love and trust God. Your new sister will be getting a wonderful sister who will be such a sweet role model. You have so much you can teach her about piano, art, etc. She will be tagging along with you and loving you every day. She can play in the playhouse with you and and the boys when she comes to our house.
In Christian Love,
Grandpa & Grandma