Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jacob's blog post

Dear Sister,

I have waited so long. I know that it will be worth it when I get to China and see you. I'll go to China in the largest passenger plane in the world. It will take a really long time. It's a good thing that I have a Gameboy! I want to teach you how to play Gameboy, how to run fast, and how to swim. I would like to show you how to catch bugs and keep them alive in jars. Sometime we can go fishing. I'll read books to you alot, too.


Your big brother, Jacob

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob,
We enjoyed reading your letter to your little sister. You will make a wonderful big brother since you are a very compassionate and caring person she will learn to care for others from you. We know you will teach her many things, including a love for bugs. Do you think she will like ants? She can climb trees with you when she comes to our house.
In Christian Love,
Grandpa & Grandma