Wednesday, October 09, 2013

September has come and gone

September has been a mix of schoolwork, activities, and puppy training.  Daisy is getting big, over 25 pounds now, and is completely house trained.  She is still a handful during school time, but she's getting better at following commands like down and release.  She has even learned to enjoy her nightly walks a bit more.  

Saidie is showing great potential in her schoolwork.  She is learning cursive handwriting and is recognizing her numbers well.  Last week she even moved from reading blends to reading a few three letter words successfully.  Saidie had several tearful days in August and is so hard on herself, but with lots of praise the tears have been eliminated.   Maimie continues to do well in school.  Both Jacob and Joseph can often be found working on homework well into the evening.  
 Joseph's speech season has begun, and we look forward to hearing him perform.  Jacob finished his last weekend of work for the summer, and we're happy to see more of him now.  The boys managed some time to work on their rockets and held a few launches in the backyard.

Mikaela celebrated her 19th birthday on September 26.  Unfortunately we weren't able to visit her at school, but did manage to send flowers and a cake. 

We celebrated Chinese Moon Festival with sesame chicken and moon cakes.  The little girls enjoyed watching the moon festival episode of Kai Lan before we went out to view the gorgeous sky.

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