Saturday, August 31, 2013

Puppy love and school days

Puppy planking
Two weeks ago, we loaded up the girls for a road trip to Indianapolis, IN.  Our destination...the new puppy.  It was love at first sight.  

She was just the cutest little thing, all brown and fuzzy.  She didn't enjoy the three hour drive and had me all clawed up by the time we got home.  The first two weeks have been challenging, but fun.  Puppy is not only the most docile dog we've ever had, but also very sweet.  

She loves to be held, loves laying at our feet, sits on command, and is doing very well with house training.  On her first vet visit (about 8 weeks) she weighed 11.9 lbs.  The way she eats, I'm certain she will have gained a bit by the next visit.  We take her on walks, but she prefers to be carried like a baby for portions of the walk.  Last night the girls and I thought it would be fun to give her a pedicure.

In the meantime, school started for all the kids.  Mikaela began her sophomore year of college, Jacob began his senior year of high school, Joseph started his sophomore year of high school, Maimie started grade 2, and Saidie began Kindergarten.  

Homeschool with the girls is getting off to a slow start, but I feel blessed to be able to spend my time teaching my girlies.  Between school, the new puppy, and keeping the house in some form of ordered chaos, we've stayed quite busy. 

Last weekend we enjoyed our first visit home from Mikaela.  We spent some time visiting, watching movies, playing games, and picnicking at the park.  


Paige said...

That is a really sweet little puppy! I bet she gets a ton of attention!

McNew Family said...

Hi! Just found your blog - nice to meet you! Looks like you are setttling down to another good year - hard to have those elder daughters off on their own, isn't it :-(


Martha Berry said...

love that puppy

Kirsty said...

Congrats on your adorable little puppy! She looks lovely, I bet you're having lots of fun with her!