Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Pink and Sparkly Week

Maimie turned 7 on October 11 and Saidie turned 5 on October 16, so our house was all pink and sparkly for about a week. With our two little girlies having birthdays so close together, you can imagine there's been just a whole lot of excitement at our house lately...not to mention teenaged boys eating from pink princess plates and blowing Barbie party horns. 
Each of the girls was given their choice as to birthday themes.  The results?  Not too hard to figure out.  Maimie chose a princess party for the third consecutive year.  

Saidie fluctuated for awhile between princess and Barbie but finally Barbie won out.  

 Maimie had a party with a couple of little friends in the afternoon of her birthday.  The girls played games, painted little wooden initials, made bracelets, ate snacks, and played outside.  

Saidie, Margie, Addy, and Maimie

That evening, (Thursday) we ate Maimie's meal choice of ham and broccoli before enjoying birthday cake and presents. 

I might add that Maimie's birthday was a hard day for poor Saidie who was very impatiently waiting for her day. 

On Friday evening, Mikaela arrived home for a short fall break.  We chose to celebrate Saidie's birthday on Monday evening while Mikaela was able to join us.  Saidie's meal of choice was spaghetti and corn.  She could barely wait for her birthday cake and presents and loved having the spotlight while we sang to her. 

One of the girls' gifts was their Baby Be Blessed dolls.  I had ordered them last year for their birthdays but they didn't arrive on time and I put them away for later.  Each of our girls' dolls has chinese features and wears a red dress. 

A sweet little patch is sewn on each doll's tummy with the girl's name and a Bible verse.  We chose Jeremiah 29:11 for both girls. 

Maimie was so cute reading her doll's patch when she opened it.  As she read the end of the verse and came to the phrase "plans to give you hope and a future", she misread it as "plans to give you hope and furniture".  Ah, well...

On Tuesday morning, after the boys left for school, the rest of us piled in the car to head to Indiana.  We picked up a fellow Grace student from Peoria to ride back with Mikaela.  

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Martha @ Berrybliz said...

what a fun sparkly week. My girl has the same baby be blessed doll too. She doesn't play with it though, she makes sure it is 'sleeping' in the dollbed. LOL...

I love their cakes and birthday meal choices. YUMMY...

happy days to y'all.