Friday, October 05, 2012

Our New Groove

This fall has been such a strange new experience in family life at our house.  The entire mood and dynamic of our family has changed...and for several weeks mom didn't handle it all that well.  But I've adjusted out of necessity, and we are all settling into our new groove. 

The girlies and I have kept busy with home school.  Maimie is enjoying first grade and doing very well.  Saidie has been working hard on letter people.  

Llamas made with letter L

We started introducing letter people last spring and ended at about Mr. F and his funny feet.  We have now finished through Mr. M and his munching mouth.  It's been a lot of fun doing letter treasure hunts, making letter specific crafts and meals, and playing alphabet games to help Saidie recognize her letters and their sounds.  

Audrey, Sara, Saidie, and Maimie
This fall we've also gone on two zoo field trips.  First we spent the day with some new friends, Sara and Audrey and their moms, Lisa and Beth at the Miller Park Zoo.  Our visit ended at a noodle shop for lunch.  We had such a great time.  Several weeks later, the girlies and I picnicked at the Peoria Zoo and playground.  The weather was beautiful, and we watched the new tiger cubs come out to play.

Jacob and Joseph are keeping busy with homework, robotics, marching band, youth group, ...and minecraft.  They enjoyed Homecoming Week, although somehow I didn't end up with any good photos. 

Jacob (back second from L) and Joseph (back third from L) at the Homecoming game

Mikaela turned 18 during the last week of September.  Her day fell in the middle of the week, so we drove out to see her the Saturday before her birthday.  

 Winona Lake

By the time we arrived and took Mikaela to grab a few things at the local Walmart, it was time for supper.  We dined at the Boathouse and enjoyed a brisk walk past all the shops before getting back on the road to head home.  It was so nice to spend a little time with Mikaela.


Karlie said...

I hear ya...we have a new groove going on here too. Homeschool is harder this year, the oldest is away at college. AND I am getting into that new groove too...it's just different.

likeschocolate said...

The letter people are cute! What a lovely family you have!