Sunday, March 18, 2012

Valentines Day thru St. Patrick's Day

 The little girls and I attended a small homeschoolers Valentine party at our church on Valentine's Day:

Kiddos showing off their Valentine boxes

Homemade candy iPods the girls passed out with their valentines

Even though Mikaela wasn't feeling well, the rest of us celebrated with heart shaped homemade pizza and heart cake:

Dad wasn't feeling well on his birthday (March 5), but we celebrated the big 4-9 with one of his favorite meals.

Tess had her surgery and wore the cone of shame proudly:

Saidie started to learn a few letters of the alphabet using Letter People flashcards. 

 On this particular day the girls blew bubbles out on the porch for Mr. B, then we made a supper with all B foods (BBQs on buns, broccoli, berry juice, brownies, etc).

 I experienced being a passenger while Jacob drove me both in the Honda and in the Suburban. Joseph's scholastic bowl season is in full swing, and Mikaela sang in the HOI choral concert in Bloomington.

On Pi Day (3.14), the little girlies helped me make pies.  We tried lemon cake pie and strawberry/pretzel pie.

And today we celebrated St. Patrick's Day as any good Irish family would.  We started with green donuts for breakfast, added mint milk shakes at lunch, and celebrated in earnest for supper.  Of course we made my favorite reuben sandwiches, plus broccoli, green Hawaiian punch, and lime jello jigglers for dessert.  

We also made a new addition to the suburban.

 Want a closer look?

We even included Tess. 


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

Y'all have had such a creative few weeks. Sweet ipod valentines! Love the family stickers on the SUV!

Paige said...

I keep telling my husband I am going to put stickers like that on the back of our Suburban! It would take up the whole back window!

Looks like you are having fun schooling the girls... very creative.