Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Polka dots and piano lessons

My girls love having their nails polished.  And I love polishing their nails.  Kinda cool how that's working out.  I try to check their nails once a week on Saturday.  This week I gave the girls an "End of summer spa treatment".

It was a huge hit complete with bubble bath soak, nail brush scrub, scented lotion foot/hand massages, polka dot polish, and scented candles.  

Homeschool has been such a joy with Miss Maimie.  She's a bit of a perfectionist, but we manage to keep it fun.  Here's our little "lefty" practicing her cursive handwriting: i's, u's, and e's.  

And today was Maimie's very first piano lesson.  Here she is with Mrs. I., her piano teacher. 

Slowly, we are all beginning to make peace with our new schedules after a very leisurely summer routine.

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