Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Been feeling a little buried under the mounds of stuff we needed to do to get ready for school to begin this week. And last week was full of activities, too.
Last Wednesday, August 10, Joseph turned 13 years old.  That makes THREE TEENAGERS for this mama.  

Joseph celebrated with a fishing birthday.  He and a couple of pals decided to hang out at our house eating, playing video games, and swimming.  They finished the evening by going fishing with Steve and Jacob. 

Collin, Joseph, and Jack
Last Thursday, we left in the evening for the Creation Museum.  We stopped in Indianapolis and drove the rest of the way on Friday morning.  We really enjoyed having one last little something fun before the summer was over. 

botanical garden

Saturday was my birthday.
Then, this Wednesday was our first half day of school.  Mikaela is a senior this year, Jacob is a sophomore, and Joseph is in eighth grade.  For the first time ever, I didn't load up the suburban to drive the kids to school.  Mikaela took her brothers to school in the bug.  

After the older kiddos left,  it was time for another very special first.  Miss Maimie started her first day of kindergarten.  What a great student!  Maimie was so sweet and excited to sit in her little desk and learn.  We enjoyed a fun first day of home school together.  

Saidie wanted to be included in school, too.  She spent some time coloring and cutting with her new crayons and scissors.   


Paige said...

School doesn't start here for a few more weeks, but we are all ready! Nice when the older kids can help drive and you get that time with the younger ones.

And happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! Haven't posted here for quite some time. Buy my goodness doesn't Saidie look calmed down & happy. Her little smile is getting broader & you can see she's actually "happy" with her new forever home. I'm happy for all of you. What a DARLING FAMILY! I know we're not suppose to say this but, My Saidie & Maime are lucky to have you!!! All your time and special attention eg; mani's & pedi's :) are so dang sweet. You'll get an extra star in heaven by your name... J