Monday, July 18, 2011

Swim Lessons

Today marked the first day of swim lessons for Maimie and Saidie.  Last summer, Maimie took level 1 twice and never passed.  After her lessons were over, she practiced with Jacob in our pool and turned into a fish.  
So, this year, Maimie and Saidie both began in level 1.  We managed to get Sammy as the girls' instructor and the girls were excited.   Until it was time to get in.  Maimie got right in, but Saidie...not so much. 
Saidie clung to me like a tick and wouldn't get in.  Finally I coaxed her to sit on the side and let go of me.  Soon Savannah came over and suggested we try to get her in near the steps.  Eventually that worked and then she was ready to join Maimie.  Unfortunately, Saidie is only slightly taller than 3 feet tall and couldn't touch the bottom.  So tomorrow we'll try her in the parent/toddler class where she can wear a floatie.  Of course, that means mama doesn't get to sit in a lounge chair taking photos, wearing normal clothes.  Uggghh!  Good thing I snapped this quick photo today.

Sammy and the girls playing "ring around the rosy"

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Paige said...

I dread swimming lessons with my girls so I keep putting it off... I know that one will cry and shiver the whole time and the other one will go crazy and try to drown... Sounds like your girls will do great!