Friday, February 04, 2011

Squares and hearts

It's time I caught up on Saidie's quilt squares.

Quilt square #37:

Our friends Joe and Nancy and their family sent this beautiful fabric and wish.  I just love the verses from Psalm 139 that they used.

square #38:

This lovely fabric, card/wish, and the poem that follow are from a sweet family that adopted their son Reuben from China.  Their daughter Natalie has plans to be a missionary to orphans in Africa soon after graduation.

Square #39:

This adorable panda fabric and wish are from a sweet lady from our church and her husband.

Square #40:

This gorgeous square and wish were contributed by Laura, our awesome social worker, who has been a part of both of our adoptions.

This past week, the girlies needed something fun to do.  I realized they hadn't really had an opportunity to paint since we returned home with Saidie.  Truthfully painting is a bit of a rarity around here.  Sometimes it's too much mess for this tired mama to deal with.  But I must admit that my little buddies had a lot of fun and were very serious about their work.  

I can't get this video to fit, so you might have to make it full screen to see Maimie.


Jessica said...

Oh my! That video! Sweeter than anything.

Anonymous said...

Was pleasantly surprised to see the newest blog article. The quilt squares are really pretty. What a nice variety she will have! Will be anxious when you get all the squares and are able to get the quilt assembled!
The little girls are sure intent on their painting--looks like they are following in Grandpa's artistic footsteps!
How precious to hear Maimie and Saidie singing "Jesus Loves Me"! It brought tears to our eyes and a lump in our throat to hear them singing and signing! Saidie seems to really be coming along well with her English! Music to our ears!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Paige said...

Love the video and I am amazed at her english and pronunciation! You can tell she is learning a lot from watching her big sister.