Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Red Couch photos

Today was a free day for us, so we took our famous red couch photos.  
I wasn't overly impressed with how they turned out, and may try again later if we can fit it in tomorrow before leaving.

This afternoon we managed to finish our shopping and played in a nearby children's park.

school children exercising in the park

  Jia Wen really enjoyed her time at the park and got really excited and wild.  It doesn't take much to overstimulate her. 

Tonight after dark we walked through the medicine and pet markets to a big shopping area and public square that is all lit up at night.  It was a nice way to spend our last evening here, walking through the sea of people in the cool evening air, watching everyone watch us and being a curiosity for a little while longer.  Red bean was the favored ice cream flavor for the last 2 evenings.  Jia Wen has been doing just fine with all the different kinds of foods we have been exposing her to for the last week or so.  She feels about as heavy as Maimie, but is a bit shorter.  She's even too big for several of the clothes I brought for her. 

Tomorrow morning we need to find another suitcase for our return trip and pack up our two rooms before heading to the train station at noon. Our flight out of Hong Kong isn't until Friday (Christmas Eve). 


Anonymous said...

A nice surprise to see the new post when I checked at noon! Love the blue dresses for the Red Couch photos. Looks like everyone is enjoying the warm weather with the shorts and t-shirts!
Cute photos of the little girls with the statues of the Mom & children!
Saidie certainly enjoyed the slide! Best she not see the playset in the backyard right away when she gets home!
Red bean ice cream? Wow!
Loved the photo of the two little ones asleep--glad they have twin beds at home!
Tomorrow you will get a new suitcase and get everything packed up and ready to go to Hong Kong and then--next flight to USA! You will be getting Saidie's Visa and then the neat train ride! Should be fun to spend the night in Hong Kong before your long flight home.
Going tomorrow to get the ham out of the freezer & get the turtle. Friday is the big day! Can't wait! Love you guys!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Philippines Tourism said...

amazing pictures love them

Anonymous said...

I noticed you are traveling with our local friends Janet and Al and new little Quinn.It is a small world. Jennie DiPaolo Mom to Sophia (Shen Jia Cong).

sunnycalgirl said...

Wonderful pictures!!!! Thank you for the update..I am sure you are all ready for your own beds. There is no place like home,,

Paige said...

I love how the girls are always dressed the same! Enjoy Hong Kong, it is a great city.