Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hong Kong

It's been a long day.  We took the train in Guangzhou to Hong Kong this afternoon, leaving our hotel at noon.  Unfortunately once we arrived, we couldn't find our ride to the hotel.  After waiting for quite some time, some of the guys in our group finally located our driver.  We managed to get settled in our hotel and downstairs to look for food by around 7pm.  The restaurants were crazy expensive and one actually turned us away.  I wonder if it was Steve's "couch potato" t-shirt...heh, heh.  We ended up in a lounge where we sat on couches around a tiny table to eat some hamburgers and chicken sandwiches with some of the other families in our group.  We hadn't eaten since breakfast, so they tasted amazing.  After returning to the room, we all got baths.  Dad sprang for room service--brownie/ice cream desserts.  

 Before leaving the White Swan, we went down to the park to kill some time.  There were so many people there this morning.  There were men and women playing games, exercising, a ballroom type dance group, and even a whole class of art students.  The art students all came over and wanted their photos taken with the kids.  Several girls wanted their photos taken with Jacob, and if Mikaela would have charged all the guys for as many as she had taken, it would have paid for our return flights.  After the paparazzi finished their photos, they sat down in front of us and began sketching.  We talked with many of the art students for quite awhile and finally had to leave so we didn't miss the train.  They were very sweet.  One of the guys even gave Maimie a chocolate milk box he had in his backpack.  They seemed very interested in the fact that we had two adopted Chinese daughters. 

Tomorrow morning our flight leaves at 10:30am for Detroit.  I think we are all more than ready to be home. Our flight is due in around 3:50pm or so tomorrow (Christmas Eve).  Can't wait to get home for Christmas! 

This adoption trip has been more difficult in many ways than I imagined it might be.  And many more difficult days are still ahead.  I think God may have much growing in store for us.  But, I will say that God has provided for us in so many ways.  He has alleviated many of our fears and has helped us through several rough spots over the last couple of weeks.  He has blessed our family beyond measure. 


Anonymous said...

The time difference still boggles our minds. It is 9 am here and 11 pm there! We are just starting our day and you are probably in bed so you will be all rested for your flight HOME! We are anxious to hear about your train trip and especially all the happenings of your 2 weeks in China.
Glad Steve was able to redeem himself from his couch potato t-shirt incident with brownie/ice cream dessert from room service! You go, Steve!!!
Imagine the art students were delighted to have their photos taken with our good looking grandchildren! Sure those photos will be shown to all their friends with bragging rights of the tall, good looking Americans they met in the park!
Getting your groceries, mail, turtle, etc. today so everything will be ready for your return! Planning to have LaGondola for your meal when you get home from the airport!
God will continue to give you the wisdom you need in transitioning in this adoption process. He never gives us more than we can handle. "One day at a time"! Just can't wait to meet "Miss Saidie".
Love you guys! Can't wait to see you at the airport!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Paige said...

It is great to see a family picture! All of you together. This road is often very hard... but somehow worth it too! I bet you will be glad to be home!

sunnycalgirl said...

I can't even imagine the experiences you have had! Praise God for His mercy and grace to get you through it all..Blessings on your continued journey homeward bound..

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying seeing the photos. Maimie and Saidie are too cute in their look alike outfits! God bless you as you travel home with your little Christmas blessing! Love, Aunt Sheila

Anonymous said...

Well, sweet Monica, you have posted the positive, so that is good that you could find positive within the stressful. God is your strength and we will pray that you will feel His strength as you journey home. Can't wait to see you back!!
The Koch's