Friday, July 16, 2010

Ladybug letter

Got a little news from our agency today. Not the news I was hoping for, to say the least. Still, I suppose each step is a little step closer. The following tells that our dossier was received and logged in to China's system. It was sent to China (dtc) on June 25.

Also wanted to post the preapproval letter. I haven't done so sooner since it reveals specific information that we can't post yet, so I blocked out the good stuff.


Serving the King said...

Yay! We just got our Ladybug Letter today too, though we are a week behind ya.

Anonymous said...

Anxious to see how quickly things progress now that you have your LID. At least you are one step closer to getting that sweet little girl home!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

KO said...

Congratulations, it was such a great feeling to be DTC.

We too are working with Diedra @ GW, and just got our LOA for a 5 year old girl. We hope your process goes quickly!

Are you on the GW Yahoo group? It is fun to watch everyone move forward!