Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Maimie Stories

I just thought I'd share some Maimie stories. Of course there are many more, but here are a few.
Maimie attended her last speech session of the school year. She took her Elmo backpack as she sometimes does. The Elmo character on the pack can be pressed, and it laughs. The batteries are fairly worn down and it sounds a little funny now when pressed. When I picked up Maimie after speech, her speech teacher told me the following story:
Maimie told the teacher she could press Elmo. After pressing Elmo and "hearing" him, the teacher said, "I couldn't understand a word Elmo said. Maybe Elmo needs to have speech." Apparently Maimie just looked at the teacher and said (perhaps with a little sarcasm), "It's a backpack."

Maimie was sitting on my lap at the computer while I scrolled through the waiting child lists. She said, "I really, really can't wait until we get my baby sister! ...Or maybe we could just get a monkey..."

Maimie asked me if she could take her bath when I took mine. Afterwards Maimie thanked me profusely. "Thank you so much for the playdate, mom! It was such an amazing adventure!"


Paige said...

She sounds like a wonderfully sweet girl!

It is always interesting to find families similar to ours, especially because it is hard to find people with so many children, with such a big age span and then also an adoption thrown in there as well.

I will be following your journey as you adopt again. And just so you know, we are also adopting and should have a LID by the June list. So our families are going to continue to be similar!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Oh Monica, she is just so dang cute! Hope you guys are doing wonderfully and that things are moving forward for your next adoption.