Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We finally received our notice from the I800A application (after nearly 2 weeks of thinking it was lost). The next step will be to wait for our fingerprinting date. It looks like most people get their approval anywhere from one to two weeks following the prints. Of course, times may vary...heh, heh.

playdough creation

I will be praying for the Lord's guidance in the next couple of weeks. Our waiting child application is expiring and needs to be updated so our agency can match us with a child. We need to discuss the specific needs again that we will be willing to accept. And calling on the Lord every step of the way in making those decisions.


Anonymous said...

The Lord shows us time and again to wait on Him! It is so hard some times though. So glad you finally got word that your I800A wasn't lost and that you will soon be able to get your fingerprinting completed and possibly get a referral! Truly exciting news!
Maimie looks beautiful with the flowers. Joseph and Maimie were very creative with their Playdoh!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Chris said...

Progress....in the adoption world, every.little.step.is.HUGE!!!!

I'll be praying that you get your fingerprint appt. soon!!! And that you get your approval very, very quickly!!!

And I know the Lord will place it upon your heart as to the SN path you are to travel....