Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Recap

We had lots of activities in December....apparently too many to make time for blogging. heh heh
The high school and middle school bands and choruses held their Christmas concerts. (We came late and ended up way in the back so my photos reek.)

Mikaela sang and played a flute solo in the madrigal performances again this year. It was a beautiful evening. Steve and I helped in the kitchen on the other nights and enjoyed talking with some of the other parents.

Jacob and the other Lego robotics league members attended their regional competion during madrigal weekend. Jacob was a trooper even while feeling a little under the weather. Unfortunately, his team didn't advance to the state competition this year.

During the church Christmas program, Joseph delivered a short speaking part then sang with the group. Maimie enjoyed singing and bell-ringing with her group as well.

Shortly before Christmas, we drove through the East Peoria Christmas lights, made gingerbread houses, went out for a chilly Christmas card photo shoot, and threw a little snow fun into the mix.

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