Saturday, August 08, 2009

Vacation!-Part One

This past week we enjoyed some vacation time together. Here is a quick recap:
6 Mondays (Dad, Mom, and 4 kiddos)
5 days (Sunday through Thursday)
4 activities (St. Louis Arch, Meramec Caverns, Sears Tower, Chinatown)
3 cities (St. Louis, Stanton, Chicago)
2 states (Missouri, Illinois)
1 suburban
0 planning (well, almost!)

boys wrestling in hotel pool

girls posing at hotel pool

Things didn't work out for a big week-long trip to the beach, out west, etc. this summer, and since we decided to also be frugal, we chose to pack up and stay closer to home. My personal limit to the amount of time I was willing to spend in the car was about 3 hours. I can't say I ended up regretting that decision any.

view in the elevator capsule going up into the arch
(taken by Mikaela via cell phone)

kids at top of arch

arch museum

We really enjoyed the arch, and Steven was the only one who had ever been up in it before. A quick trip to the Union Station for a visit to the Fudgery was also essential.

Our 19th anniversary fell on Tuesday and we celebrated on Monday evening with a fabulous meal at the Spaghetti Factory.

The next day we headed for the caverns. I remember going as a kid and thought the boys would especially like it. It was okay, but it seemed a bit cheesier than I remembered it. The most memorable part was that less than an hour into our hour and 20 minute tour, Maimie was absolutely dancing from having to use the restroom. Of course, there was no restroom in the caverns and we had taken her before entering the caverns, but..... I asked the guide how much longer and she said we had two more sections after the one we had just entered.

Maimie not cooperating

Eventually, Maimie was beside herself trying to wait--almost crying. She and I held back and let the rest of the group go ahead of us. We crouched at the side of the path in the dark, I dropped her drawers, and held her aloft, hoping for the best. Later after leaving the cavern, we passed by the restroom. I asked her if she wanted to use the restroom. To which she flatly replied, "I don't need to go to da baffwoom, I alweady peed in da cave!"
Then for the next several hours on the trip home, she seranaded us with a new song with only three words: "Pee in cave". She sang it to the tune of Jingle Bells until the whole back of the suburban had joined her in 4 part harmony.

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