Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Snapshots

Happy Easter! We all awoke quite early on Easter morning to attend sunrise service and breakfast. Mikaela and the youth group helped cook and serve the meal. The service was nice and we all managed to stay awake.
After church, we headed home for easter baskets and an egg hunt. We opted for the inside hunt as it was chilly and muddy outside. Apparently either I miscounted the eggs before we hid them, or there are still 2 candy filled eggs hiding at some undisclosed location in our house. Hopefully I'll find them some afternoon when the other candy is gone and I'm needing a little chocolate fix.
After the kids tore into their loot, we dressed for 11am church service and ran out to the porch for some photos. It was a complete bust! It was cold and windy, the sun was in the kids' eyes (so everyone has closed or squinty eyes), and Steve wanted me to "just get it over with". Ah, yes, another wonderful family holiday memory. Eventually I just had everyone move to the porch steps for a couple of quick shots then gave up. Obviously. Not a very good photo.
We ate at Mom and Dad's for lunch with Great-Grammie. It was nice to visit and relax. When we started to head home, the suburban wouldn't start up--again-- and we had to borrow one of Mom and Dad's cars to get home. Ugggghhh! But all in all it was a great day to celebrate the Lord's resurrection.

Reading Benjamin's Box with Resurrection Eggs

Time for Easter baskets

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Anonymous said...

It is always a special treat to have the family at our house! Yesterday was a great day (even though it was cool and windy outside). Grammie enjoyed being able to share the afternoon with everyone and she enjoyed watching the kids finding their eggs and opening them to see all the candy they had!! It was fun to play cards and dominoes with all of you. So glad God blessed us with such a wonderful family!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa