Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Another trip to Walmart, another try for bubble gum. I had put Maimie's hair into pigtails and stuck the pack in my purse. As we walked into the store I told Maimie I had some bubble gum. She said, "I NEED bubbo num--real bad!". Well, how was I supposed to resist that request? After the "please" prompt, she took her stick and broke it in half...to share with mom...awww. Of course she gave me the stubby little half. She chewed it without incident until half way home when she announced she was done and spit it into my hand. Yippee!
Don't remember if I've ever posted this before, but Maimie notices all things Chinese. Truly we don't point these things out to her. She notices every asian person we see and announces that they are chinese. She notices chinese writing and symbols and announces that they are chinese. Not sure what made her so keyed in. Also, for some reason, Maimie thinks that wearing her hair in pigtails makes her chinese. It's an absolute hoot. She asks me to "make her chinese" when I'm doing her hair. The other day after I had fixed her hair in pigtails she told Mikaela, "Look at me...I'm chinese!" Sometimes she stands by me on the couch trying to fix my hair in pigtails to make me chinese. You gotta love that.
What did we ever do before Maimie came along?!

Today the weather was fantastic and quite unseasonable for February. The photos are from our afternoon at the park.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone truly enjoyed the nice weather and the romp in the park! It is totally hilarious the things Maimie comes up with now! So glad she is letting you know when she is finished with her gum! And the fact that pigtails make her Chinese is just off the charts!!! For all we know she might be reading the Chinese words and symbols before long! You never know--of course how would we know if she is right or wrong!!
Thanks for sharing a glimpse into the everyday life of Miss Maimie!!
In Christian Love,
Grandpa & Grandma