Thursday, February 05, 2009

Gotcha Day anniversary

Today is the two year anniversary of little Guo Zhen's gotcha day. A day none of the rest of our family will ever forget, and a day we hope to help Maimie forever remember.
This morning we explained today's significance to Maimie and she truly seemed to understand. Over the last two weeks, I've been working on a lifebook for Maimie to help tell her story. I'm not a scrapbooking kind of mom. I have a huge rubbermaid tub full of photos all thrown together without any form of organization. But I-yes, even I- somehow managed to get six whole pages completed. Maimie is thrilled to look through her "China book". This weekend she enjoyed showing her book to Grandpa and Grandma while they visited for Grandma's birthday.

We managed to get a lot of neat photos that are important to her particular history. While we know she doesn't appreciate the full impact of these people and places now, someday they may mean as much to her as they do to us.
Tonight we had a special stir fry meal and later a "chockit" cake (Maimie's choice). A special candle was lit for Maimie's "China mommy", and we gave Maimie a gift to unwrap. She got the newest Ni Hao, Kailan DVD after deciding she was too young to take care of most of the neat things we bought for her while in China.

On Groundhog Day, Jacob and Joseph battled it out at the Spelling Bee. Apparently my camera was the kiss of death. Each time I took a picture of a speller, he or she misspelled their word and went out. First it was Joseph, then Gloria, then Jacob. I stopped taking photos after that.

Ever since the kids were little I made a silly looking meatloaf shaped like a groundhog for supper on February 2. This year we made individual groundhog hamburgers. Sometimes the face is made with ketchup or crackers, or other edible things I find in the cabinet. This time all I could find was peanuts for eyes. The burgers were too small to worry about too much detail and ended up looking pretty lame. Oh, well. They tasted fine.

I hope the kids will remember some of the unusual things we did with fondness instead of dysfunction.

Maimie fell asleep on the couch sitting up then fell over when I grabbed the camera

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Anonymous said...

So much has changed in the two years since Maimie's Gotcha Day! The kids have grown up so much. It just seems impossible it has been two years already. Maimie is talking up a storm and is so animated. It is great you make a tradition of celebrating her Gotcha Day and that you also remember her "China Mommy". The China Book is really neat and Maimie was fairly bouncing as she showed us every page and explained every photo.
Sorry the boys didn't win the spelling bee but I'm sure they had fun.
I'm sure the kids will fondly remember all the neat ideas you have incorporated for each holiday or special occasion and will probably use them and implement even others for their families.
Looks like Maimie had such a big day she just couldn't stay away another minute!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa