Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well, that didn't take long...

I knew it was just a matter of time, and it could have gone a lot worse, but... I'm already sorry about the bubblegum. This morning we ran into Walmart before Maimie's speech session. I didn't want to give her a snack and remembered I had a piece of fruit flavored gum in my purse. I split it in half and shared it with Maimie. In the second aisle we went down, Maimie leaned out of the cart to see something while her mouth was hanging open. The gum ended up on the floor and even though I'm a huge proponent of the "5 second rule" (5 minute rule at our house), I don't feel it applies to Walmart. To avoid the certain tears and ensuing fit, I gave her the piece I had in my mouth. Yeah, I know, yukk! Everything seemed fine, we finished our shopping and headed out into the brutal cold. When I buckled Maimie into her carseat I had a fleeting thought that perhaps I should take the gum away in the car. I checked the clock, noted that we had 10 minutes until speech and a 7 minute drive to get the milk home first. I decided to take my chances. Yep, I do sound like an absolute novice mom. Don't worry, I paid for my poor choice. As we pulled into town, I turned to look at Maimie, who incidently had become guiltily quiet. I saw a purplish-gray string of gum stretching from her mouth to her mittens. I told her not to move until I could get the car stopped. It really could have been worse--the hair, the carseat, the clothes. I have one mitten in the freezer right now trying to harden the gum. On the upside, the mittens probably wouldn't have fit next year anyway.

On a more pleasant note, Maimie likes making her bed. I snapped this photo just after she made her bed today.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my do I remember those days!! Try an ice cube on the gum or else peanut butter might work! The new photo is just so precious. I remember when you were three I taught you to make your bed every day! A good age to begin a routine. I had just shown your dad the Bubblegum blog and we were both laughing and now we are really laughing.
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Jeff and Amy said...

funny!! Oh my Monica, Maimie looks just stunning in that photo:)

A 5 time mom said...

So glad to hear the gum was not in that beautiful hair but the way you wove your tale, I was sure it was! Like the way you told this!