Monday, January 12, 2009


You would think I would remember the age a kid becomes "fashion independent" by the fourth one, wouldn't you? Well, it tended to sneak up on me this time. It was New Year's Day. I was finishing my hair and told Maimie I would get some clothes for her next. Within a few minutes I went into her room to grab some clothes. The door was pushed nearly closed, which is unusual at our house. I cracked the door to find Miss Maimie on the floor just completing her ensemble. She actually did pretty well. She had chosen a stripey dress and floral leggings. While they didn't match, they didn't clash as bad as they might have otherwise. Apparently it wasn't just a fluke, either. One January 2, she chose another dress (she loves dresses) but this time with wildly non-matching tights and halloween socks. Yikes! Since we were going out, I did steer a little that morning.

Look at that form

The family went bowling one day during Christmas break. It's always a lot of fun. None of us are very skilled, and we use the bumpers. Maimie even sported a lovely pair of bowling shoes that were nearly small enough for her.

One of Maimie's Christmas gifts was a playdough set that works like a Mr. Potatohead. With everyone back to school and work, Maimie and mommy spent some time rolling, smoothing, cutting, and squishing.

Finally on to the bubblegum. It's a word that has always struck terror in this mommy's ears. Mikaela always had such long lovely hair even as a 3 year old, that I was terrified she'd get gum in there and I'd have to cut it out. I never worried about the boys and gum in their hair. I was probably more concerned about where else it would end up. Well, Miss Maimie has asked for gum for months and months. I always just tell her she's too small. Okay, so I felt a little guilty about that lately. She is 3 after all. I bought her some sugar free bubblegum yesterday. When she got up from her nap, Mikaela helped her get her hair into pigtails. And I finally let her have her first piece of bubblegum. She ate half of the piece- and I do mean ate. She swallowed it right after telling me she understood not to swallow it. Figures. I told her when she was done with the second half she could spit it out. And she was in ECSTASY!!!! She chewed and chewed and chewed some more. She wouldn't spit it out until supper time. Then she had to tell Daddy all about her bubblegum. Mikaela, Jacob, and Joseph sang a bubblegum song and she joined in as though she knew it, too.

Showing off her bubblegum


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Very cute stories! Quite the fashionista - and what a cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much Maimie has grown and changed since you first got her!!! Loved the photo of the "I can dress myself now". Looks like everyone had a blast at the bowling alley. It always seems like kids want to learn to dress themselves, chew gum, etc. all at the same time. They just grow up way too quickly. Enjoy each stage that each is in right now because tomorrow it will be different!!
In Christian Love,
Grandpa & Grandma