Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We miss Daddy!

Daddy went on a business trip last week to Australia. He isn't due to be home until late this Saturday evening. We have managed to stay busy with school activities, household chores, playing pool, movies, video games and a field trip. We still have several things planned for the rest of the week. But, really, we are all missing Daddy. I've noticed in the kids' attitudes -- especially Maimie's. She's back to not only crying each time I put her in the crib, but screaming. Today she wouldn't even cooperate with Kristi, the speech therapist. Fortunately, things have worked out for us to be able to talk to Steve either on the phone, or online several times since he's been gone. It doesn't sound like he's having a blast sightseeing or anything, but he does have the camera, so I'll post the kids' school photos and Maimie's 2-year photo.
Hurry up, Saturday!


Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray for each of you during this difficult week of separation from Daddy (Steve). It will be a great reunion on Saturday night for all of you! Hopefully he will stuff some of that warm sunny weather in his suitcase and bring it back home with him! Better watch out, there might be a few creepy, crawly things in there too.
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Jeff and Amy said...

Wow, Australia how neat. I have always wanted to go there since we kept 2 boys from there about 5 years ago, through the World Series Baseball tournament our town held.